Digital Strategy
and Planning

Plan your organization’s digital transformation by balancing the use of technology, processes, people and organizational culture. Strategically align technology with the business and pursue a competitive edge by offsetting resources and skills both in the physical and digital worlds.

Consultoria em Planejamento estratégico e digital

These services vertical encompass initiatives to build the Digital Transformation Plan for an organization or a specific department, IT Strategic Planning, the IT Investments Master Plan, as well as monitoring projects to implement the stipulated strategies.

Solutions in Digital Strategy and Planning

Plano de transformação digital nas empresas

Digital Transformation Plan

Plan how cutting edge digital technologies can help you to rethink your business or your area. Establish new relationship channels with clients, suppliers and employees. Anticipate market movement and get ahead in the digital competition.

transformação digital nas empresas

Innovation Management: Methodology, Laboratory and Routines

Establish a methodology for your company’s Innovation Management, supported by market references applied globally. Establish processes, routines, roles and responsibilities. Assemble and strategically place your Innovation Laboratory to generate real value for the business.

transformação digital nas empresas

Transforming the Client’s Journey

Identify, map, analyze and transform your client’s journey. Effectively place it as the central pillar of your business and design the entire cycle of experiences and interactions to ensure that clients remain loyal and highly satisfied with your brand.

transformação digital nas empresas

IT Strategic Planning

Devise your IT Strategic Planning in line with your organization’s strategy. Break down business goals into technology goals and priorities, establish principles of architecture, budget, use of resources and governance and lay the groundwork for your company’s technological evolution.

transformação digital nas empresas

IT Strategic Plan

Establish your organization’s Information Technology Master Plan to guide the prioritization of investments and digital/technological projects. Enhance your capacity to analyze, prioritize and sequence strategic projects, ensuring that feasibility and technical and financial capacity are analyzed.

transformação digital nas empresas

Sourcing Strategy for Digital Services

Design and implement a strategy for the complex management of contracts, partners and suppliers for digital and technological services. Establish effective criteria for selection, hiring, assessment and termination of services based on solid methodologies and expertise in successful applications.

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