The Bridge culture and values were translated into 10 guidelines fully detailed in our Manifesto.


TIME is our key resource. Don’t waste it. Meetings should only be scheduled if they really demand the presence of all participants. Strive for OBJECTIVE interactions and care for your time like you care for your money.


ERROR is allowed and desired. REPETITION of the error is unacceptable. Strive to learn both collectively and individually. A company that learns together is on the fast track to growth. Help others to overcome their difficulties to avoid repeating mistakes.


KNOWLEDGE is Bridge’s main competitive advantage over the market. Read, share ideas, write, question and never accept being stagnant in knowledge. A consultant needs to have a BROAD CULTURE that transcends the technical knowledge required for the projects.


QUALITY is free. Our internal and external products can’t just be good – they have to be EXCELLENT. All time spent on revisions, adjustments and details comes back around as praise, contract renewals, new clients and increased success for each one of us in the market.


Eliminate OBSTACLES and loosen restrictions. Everything that is hindering performance and work must be discussed and eliminated to the greatest extent possible.


Forge strong RELATIONSHIP bonds. Trust everyone in the company to ensure that we are a high performance team. Be straightforward and assist, guide and point anybody that needs help in the right direction.


Avoid DISTRACTIONS. Focus on what needs to be done with the quality that must be ensured. Try to make time to distract your mind, but only do so during moments reserved for such activity. Remember that someone around you is trying to concentrate.


The goal of any service provider is to generate VALUE for its CLIENTS. We have to be seen as strategic partners. Having a Bridge consultant by their side must be a source of PRIDE for the client in the market.


Care for your HEALTH. A strong professional, above all else, is a balanced person. Dress well, mind your appearance and care for your body and mind. How will a client trust a consultant who cannot even resolve his own problems?


Finally, nobody should live just to work, but work to live. Maximum EFFICIENCY will ensure that everyone has time to enjoy their families, friends, travel and a good night’s sleep. A company where everyone pulls all-nighters is an inefficient one.

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