Digital and Technological Governance

The more digital and technological initiatives your organization has, the greater the need to design and implement governance mechanisms to obtain the expected return on investment. Establish and implement digital and IT governance structures to reduce risk, streamline resource use, monitor performance and ensure strategic alignment.

These services vertical encompass initiatives to assess the maturity of the organization’s digital and technological governance, produce the implementation roadmap, and manage projects to enhance maturity and implement organizational structures like the Digital and Technological Governance Office.

Solutions in Digital and Technological Governance

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Maturity Assessment of Digital and Technological Governance

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the maturity of your current Digital and Technological Governance structure. Comprehend the maturity level of your processes and structure, receiving a complete diagnosis based on benchmark international best practices.

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Producing Governance Implementation Roadmap

Build a structured plan to implement governance practices and controls for internal or external audits or for your organization to mature. Ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, CobiT standards, among others.

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Organizational Reformulation: Duties, Roles and Responsibilities

Rethink and redesign your Technology & Digital organizational structure. Avoid grey areas and design the organizational chart according to your goals and peculiarities. Align with best practices and pursue greater effectiveness in allocating teams.

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Structuring and Implementing the Governance Office

Define an organizational structure to handle your company’s Digital and Technological Governance. Position it correctly on the organizational chart, map roles, responsibilities and define support processes and procedures, correlating it with the other existing mechanisms and committees.

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Technology & Digital Budget Review and Definition

The increasing complexity of IT & Digital duties makes it necessary to rethink the logic of operating your company’s budget. Review budget management models, change or create line items, cost centers and receive suggestions and critical analyses based on best market practices.

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Defining the Technology and Digital Performance Indicator Panel

Establish a management structure based on key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the evolution of your company’s technological and digital strategy. Receive a strategic monitoring panel to track the budget, critical projects and generate value for the business.

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