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Data privacy is one of today's top global issues. Discover solutions for GDPR and project your organization for the new era of data protection by ensuring compliance with national (LGPD) and international data protection laws. Evaluate and implement controls for adequacy, ranging from the procedural approach, through the implementation and review of technology and legal adequacy, in partnership with specialized offices.

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These services vertical encompass initiatives to assess the current state of data privacy practices and design a plan to adapt to current laws and standards, mainly the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (LGPD). We employ a comprehensive service approach, combining the areas of management, processes, and technology, as well as a legal back office through partnerships with specialized law firms.

Solutions in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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LGPD compliance assessment

Receive a comprehensive diagnosis, establish and prioritize actions to ensure full legal compliance.

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Comprehensive LGPD adjustment program: Processes, Technology and Law

Launch a comprehensive LGPD adjustment program with process & management consulting solutions, supported by technologies for data management automation and assistance from partner law firms that specialize in digital law and privacy.

privacidade de dados

Preparing for ISO 27.000 certification

Prepare your organization for the ISO 27.000 series certification, which addresses the Information Security and Data Privacy Management System, in compliance with the European GPDR standard. Ensure an international seal of reference for your business’s clients and strategic stakeholders.

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