Agile Organizations and Lean Processes

Transform your organization through agile methodologies and processes tailored to the new volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world (VUCA). Establish new productivity and collaboration standards for your teams, reducing bureaucracy, enhancing engagement and promoting Lean thinking for any sector or industry.

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This vertical of services includes initiatives for the construction and implementation of agile management methods, both for Information Technology (IT) areas and for other areas of organizations that seek more agile and collaborative ways of working. It also includes Lean projects for both production processes and the office environment.

Solutions in Agile Organizations and Lean Processes

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Agile Methodologies for Systems Development

Rethink your company’s entire systems development process by incorporating the fundamentals of agility. Promote collaboration between technical and business teams and deliver new products and features in shorter cycles based on Scrum, Kanban, among others.

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Agile Methodologies for Project Management

Incorporate agility practices into your organization’s Project Management. Increase collaboration, team engagement and reply speed to changes in context. Adjust your methodology to reap the benefits of agility without sacrificing control and compliance.

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Agile Organizational Transformation

Rethink your organization as a whole and identify how the agility principles can lend value to your organizational structure. Fight silos and pursue team integration and collaboration, designing multifunctional squads / teams for projects or for execution and processes.

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Lean Processes: Identifying and Eliminating Waste

Apply the Japanese principles of lean manufacturing to your business environment, seeking to identify and eliminate waste and revenue leakage points in your processes. Create a systematic search culture to improve processes, implementing Lean routines and procedures.

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Lean Inception Workshop: Defining the MVP and Product Launch

Hold a lean inception workshop to lean inception spark the ability of your company’s teams to create pilot products and services (MVP – Minimum Viable Product). Develop the ability to experiment and pivot your product or service with entertaining dynamics and real entrepreneurial experience.

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Lean IT Structuring

Apply Lean precepts to the reality of your IT area. Focus on eliminating controls and bureaucracies that do not add value, making IT efficient in delivering technology services and solutions. Use lean restructuring to review the organizational structure and cut costs.

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