Transition Assessment

The first one hundred days of new executive leadership are crucial in defining the success of the work plan to be executed. The transition assessment is a short and high-value project, providing an accelerated understanding of the current technology situation within the company, mapping the current maturity of processes, architecture, infrastructure, security, and other relevant topics.

The result provides a clear view of the technical reality, proper onboarding, and enables effective planning for transformation projects.

"According to Gartner, leaders with effective transition plans reach their maximum management potential up to nine months earlier than those who transition with unstructured plans."

Actions for an Effective CIO Transition, 2021.

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Identification of the organizational context, alignment, and definition of the vision and expectations of top management, identification and mapping of strategic stakeholders, and completion of the power map.



Conducting assessments according to the agreed-upon scope. Possible topics to be covered: Digital and IT Strategy, Organizational Structure, Processes, Governance, Suppliers, Teams, Security & Privacy, and Technological Architecture.



Delivery and presentation of the report containing the synthesis of assessments and mapping of key pain points and work opportunities for the new leadership.

What our customers have to say

The Bridge & Co.'s assessment, which I commissioned during the initial period of my role as a Board Member for the Protege Group in IT, Digital, and Innovation, was essential in ensuring accuracy in the most relevant decisions we made during the current term and accelerating the transformation we undertook. The comprehensive consulting work, covering key IT disciplines, significantly shortened the time required for understanding and immersion in the Technology management of the new segment in which I began to operate. I recommend this service whenever an IT leader needs a quick yet comprehensive diagnosis for decision-making on immediate and future actions.

Roberto PortellaBoard Member for Technology, Digital, and Innovation at Protege Group

Upon assuming the position of CIO at SSA, I initiated the 'First 100 Days of the CIO' plan, and one of the priorities was to understand the current state of IT. For this, I had the support of Bridge & Co., which was already working on our IT service processes. With their knowledge of our environment and market know-how, it was possible to accelerate the analysis of the environment and build the plan to make us a leading IT department within 3 years.

Kelson AlencarCIO/IT Director/Digital Transformation at SSA São Salvador Alimentos

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