Process Analysis and Improvement

Strive for operational efficiency through the analysis and enhancement of business processes. Reduce costs by eliminating waste, improve knowledge management by documenting procedures, identify opportunities for automation and implement a culture of continuous improvement for your organization.

Consultoria em análise e melhoria de processos

These services vertical encompass initiatives for the analysis, modeling, enhancement and implementation of business processes. Our performance ranges from modeling at the strategic level of the Value Chain and value generation flows to more specific actions in which processes, sub-processes and procedures need to be assessed, enhanced and automated to increase efficiency, cut costs, standardize activities, manage knowledge, among other purposes.

Solutions in Process Analysis and Improvement

otimização de processos

Analysis, Redesign and Implementation of Process Improvements

Execute the full assessment and improvement cycle for business processes. Pursue operational efficiency and ensure the standardization of activities between teams, knowledge management, work monitoring and compliance with current standards and norms.

Consultoria otimização de processos de TI

Process Preparation for Automation and Robotization

Prepare your organization and its processes to be automated and robotized. Assess the main candidates, perform ROI analyses for the business, prepare technology and teams so that automation and robotization draw the desired results of cost savings and compliance.

otimização de processos

Team Analysis and Resizing

Perform an analysis of team sizing with a robust methodology through processes. Identify opportunities to optimize assignments and redistribute the workforce across functions and areas.

otimização de processos

Construction and Review of Operational Procedures

Specify your processes in operational procedures to ensure the standardization of activities and compliance with current policies and standards. Ensure knowledge management and avoid depending on individuals through systematization and detailed workflow documentation.

otimização de processos

Definition and Implementation of the Processes Office

Implement a Process Office to ensure governance of your organization’s process management initiatives. Specify its procedures, roles & responsibilities as well as its position in the organizational structure so that it acts as designed and draws real value to the operations.

otimização de processos

Support for the selection of BPMS and RPA platforms

Rely on our support for supplier analysis and selection of process automation (BPMS) and robotization (RPA) platforms. Receive an impartial and technical analysis to measure how well the solutions are adhering to your organization’s demands and characteristics.

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